Ecgine is a tool to build and deploy business applications on Desktop, Web, Mobile and Tablets by reducing upto 95% of time and cost. It is an online tool that takes your requirement specification and generates native applications on all platforms.

We are different. Here's how..

Every company is different. Its business process is unique. The software you use to manage your business should work in the way you've designed your business process.Not the other way! On the other side, off-the-shelf software treats them all the same. The major concern in getting a tailor made custom software product for a company is its costs, months of time it takes and first to try risk.

We attempted to solve this problem by developing a tool called Ecgine.This tool generates business applications without writing code, making it easy to develop and modify applications, at the same time significantly reducing the development time and cost. Ecgine makes customizing an application with desired features much easier. You can change whatever you want in an application. Be it design or features.

All the apps that you see in the "products" section are developed using Ecgine in 1/10th time and cost.

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Written on July 21, 2015