Why Ecgine?

  • #1 Cost Effective Business Software

    Our lean operation and better architecture reduces the operating and infrastructure cost significantly, and we pass on this advantage to our customers. Apart from conventional user based pricing plan, we offer a pay for what you use plan, where you will be charges based on usage.

  • All in One Business Suite

    The unified business software suite, with built in Accounting and CRM packages. You can install more of such packages according to your business needs from the App Store. All packages run as one software, interfacing is a thing of past.

  • Easy Customization

    You have complete control over your business system, change as you need it. You have never have to wait for a release for the feature you really need. You can choose what packages to install or uninstall. Even you can customize the installed packages. Ecgine enables you to make customizations, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

  • Your IT Policy is Honoured

    If your IT policy does not allow you to host your data in external cloud, Ecgine server licensing allows you to run Ecgine server anywhere you want. Learn more.